About the Brand

Ameyalli Swim was created when I, Maria-Fernanda Aldana Vega, wanted to convey my love for the Ocean and Traveling through a product and company. I started this project while traveling to Tulum in 2019. This project is so much more than swimwear, it is a tribute to my Mexican heritage. My signature crochet pieces are inspired by my beautiful and wonderful abuelita. I obtained inspiration from her beautiful crocheted pieces.
The name Ameyalli comes from a language that was once spoken by the ancient Aztecs, the Nahuatl Language. Ameyalli translates to: The Goddess of water that comes from the depth.
I want this project to stay honest and true to me. I assure this by making sure each hand made piece is made by the same set of high standard while staying Eco-Friendly. I ensure that all our bikinis are sustainable and ethical. Each bikini is made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.
I focus on less waste. I do not believe in fast-fashion and mass-producing therefor each Ameyalli Swim bikini is lovingly handmade to order. I work with a high quality Italian Company that process used fish nets and plastic from the Ocean into the fabric I use. This company has helped collect over 510 tons of fish nets since the companies founding in 2013.
As Ameyalli Swim grows, my positive impact on the environment will grow as well. As of now my company donates 5% of proceeds to the Reef Restoration Foundation. This foundation has been able to restore over 600 coral reefs in three years. They achieve this by cutting a piece of live healthy coral and translating it to a new section. This technique mimics nature's process and helps life under the water, creating new coral reefs.